A few of my favorite things:

Golden rays of sun breaking over the calm Hawaiian waters, casting away the early morning violet sky, suffusing the silent clouds in shades of pink and tangerine


The soft black eye of a humpback whale gazing deeply into my soul while I swim in the marine blue of the Silver Banks of the Atlantic

Torrents of milky white water pouring over the electric-orange giant rock at the center of Australia, an invitation into the Dreamtime of the aborigine at Uluru

The North Pole’s electric green & rose colored light show dancing to a pulsing rhythm, an aurora borealis for my birthday

Waves of sand, hardened over time into crests and valleys, the low sun casting dark shadows that re-shape the landscape moment by moment at Death Valley

The impenetrable gaze of the eyes of the giants of Easter Island ~ what do they anticipate as they look to the sea from this tiny triangle of a volcanic crater rising from the vast Pacific, the most remote place on Earth?


The whisper of the wind, my back resting on one of the oldest trees on the planet, a twisted torque of fibrous bark, nude of leaves, yet a sentinel watching 4,000 years of time pass by


A ceremonial fire bursts upwards in a tornado as a Mayan shaman directs his staff at the center offerings, a fox watches intensely from the shadows of the tree line while young girls wearing lion headdresses stand reverently at the base of an ancient stone pyramid, a double rainbow blesses us all exactly at 12:12 pm on 12/12/12 -if it wasn’t’ real, surely its a dream.......

How diverse and complex, rich and vibrant is our Earth. 

Everywhere I see the elements and the dance of light at play:

The passion of waves crashing, water rushing forward and back against black volcanic sand beaches, nearby a crater bubbles with liquid red hot magma, steam hissing skyward


The Joy of the fiery sun shining strong upon a green field resplendent with colorful flowers turning to greet our very own star

The Rejuvenation of water cascading over a precipice, millions of oxygenated droplets bubble back up, drifting high with a cool breeze


The exhilaration of the wind blowing fine crystalline white snow across a mountainside

The peace of moss, every so softly covering the Earth, inviting rest.


From this Earth, I feel energized, alive, adventurous of spirit:

Its led me to follow the ancient migration routes of the Polynesia peoples from tiny islands with names like Tuamoto and Ta’haa to the next, to swim with wild spinner dolphins and peaceful manta rays in the deep blue of the Hawaiian waters,


to explore by torchlight the ancient cave paintings of Lascaux, France, to find undiscovered pyramids and forgotten stone circles and crystal skulls,


to be invited to be with an indigenous tribe in the high Andes and learn from shamans of native cultures, to explore the remote Barranca del Cobre of Mexico and its people who race up and down 8,000 foot canyon walls, to white water raft thru the jungle of Costa Rica while blue morpho butterflies fly overhead, to explore the ancient mythic sites of Avalon, Avebury, and Newgrange and the haunts of druids and fairies


to trek to most every ruin of Mediterranean and Yucatán temples, summit mountains by foot and bike,


and cross seas and rivers


for special moments:


Of watching mother jaguar and her baby bathe by moonlight in a dark river pool or a whale shark befriend our group for days, to birthday Rainbows, tunnels of sand inside the Earth,


To Ice caves deep under a glacier, and never ending Arctic sunsets

In admiration and awe of the creation of Earth, its my hope that these images will light a fire of inspiration within you, gratitude for the complexity and magnificence of our planet, and the zest to explore.