SAILING THRU ICEBERGS is a multifaceted immersive experience:

ENTER THE ICE KINGDOM and travel on a visual and sensorial journey to the Poles.

Large scale photographs of Icebergs, a musical composition of natural sounds of the Arctic, two short films, a meditative experience, poetry, a companion guide, and a “melting” Iceberg transport you to the haunting beauty of the Kingdom of Ice, a name that the Inuit use to describe the vast Ice Cap they live on. Similar to the Arctic, participants are Invited to experience in silence.

Greenland’s vast ice cap is melting ~ come Sail thru this surreal world where cliffs & islands all are made of water, frozen and compressed and set adrift after a 10,000 year slide from distant mountaintops.

Icescapes I

Ice Jewels

Icescapes II

Blue Ice Glacial Wall